About Interior Detailing

Interior Detailing is a more intense process than a standard Valet, We will be going through your interior removing all the nitty gritty dust and dirt that doesn’t normally get picked up in a valet and on top of this, we will be incorporating special products that will protect your interior for the future use.


  • Removal of all dust and dirt from carpets and mats
  • Carpet Cleaned with Carpet Protection Liquid
  • Seats cleaned with Shampoo or Leather Conditioner
  • Deep clean of plastics on the dash and surrounding areas
  • Door Sills cleaned and protected
  • Rejuvenation and protection of the plastics
  • Using a sealer on all fabrics to keep your interior fresh and protected from stains
  • Vehicle is reborn with an Airbomb which will run through the Air Con System – which will give you a car a showroom smell for an extended time.

Costs From


Time Required

1+ Days