Paint Correction / Protection

Is your car not looking as crisp or clear as it should? Tired of swirl marks and light scratches? Well, the solution is paint correction at DC Detailing Glasgow where we will restore your cars exterior back to showroom condition.

Paint Correction

Paint Correction is removing surface defects, swirl marks, water etching and minor scratches by using refinishing tools and nanotechnology abrasives. To do paint correction right, it takes time and is a labour-intensive process but the results are worth it!.

Paint Protection After Correction

After correction must come protection to preserve and protect the paintwork after the machine polishing process. We have a range of innovative products that can keep your vehicle looking its best. paint sealant/wax/ceramic wax and ceramic coatings all protect for varying lengths of time and are expertly applied here at DC Detailing .

  • Wax (carnauba) 3 months
  • Wax (ceramic) 6 months
  • Paint sealant 4/6 months
  • Ceramic Coat 2/3 years

Protecting your paint not only ensures your cars paintwork looks good for as long as possible but helps retain more of your investment because fading, swirl marks and light scratch always drive the value of a car down rather than up.